Series VRR / ALM-EC

Technical Data


  • Pressure-regulated roof fan with modern EC drive
  • Compact solution with integrated control and regulation
  • different designs
  • (e.g. time control, pressure control)
  • Easiest commissioning without additional devices
  • horizontal throw (with deflector ring accessory: vertical throw)
  • Sizes: 160, 200, 315
  • Performance range:
    • Volume flow up to 3500 m³ / h
    • Pressure increase up to 300 Pa
  • highest overall efficiency and
  • Lowest noises, especially in the partial load range
  • extensive ventilation accessories

What actually is an EC motor?

The EC motor is a collector and brushless permanent magnet external rotor direct current motor. The EC controller commutates the motor windings electronically and therefore wear-free. In addition, the EC controller monitors the motor and provides interfaces for easy control of the drive.

EC drives are particularly suitable if the following selection criteria are important:

  • high efficiency even in the partial load range and at reduced speeds
  • wide speed adjustment range, low noise
  • easy commissioning and maintenance-free

Because of these properties, EC motors are very suitable for driving fans that often work in the partial load range and at reduced speeds.

Field of applications

  • Demand-based residential ventilation / central ventilation systems
  • All areas of application for general ventilation technology
  • Applications where minimal energy consumption is required
    (e.g. stable ventilation, greenhouse ventilation)

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Series VRR / ALM-EC

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