The Company

Mietzsch GmbH Lufttechnik Dresden is a medium-sized business, specialising in the manufacture of corrosion-resistant fans, equipment, extraction systems and special productions made of thermoplastic synthetic materials, looking back on many years of experience in this field.

The Franz Mietzsch company was founded in Dresden in 1904 and started producing plastic fans as early as 1945. Since then the product range has been continually further developed and expanded. State-of-the-art production methods, the adherence to current quality, safety and environmental standards, the production unit at the company's site in Germany and selected regional partners guarantee the highest level of product quality.

The reliability and durability of our products and a high degree of flexibility make us the perfect partner for the chemical industry, environmental technology, laboratories, surface technology, the semiconductor industry and photovoltaics, the manufacturing sector and education and research institutions, e.g. universities and institutes.

Plastic roof fans and the appropriate accessories have a broad range of applications in central ventilation systems for residential and amenities construction.

Our range of services covers everything from the delivery of individual components to complete systems. A team of qualified and dedicated employees accompany the customer along the route from project to installation. In all areas of activity the directives of ISO 9001 are our standard.

Continual in-house market-oriented research and development work guarantees that we will also continue to produce innovative products with the highest technically level in the future.