Apprenticeship as plastics and rubber technologist (m/f/d)

Start of training September 2, 2024

Start your three-year training as a plastics and rubber technologist (m/f/d) - specializing in components at MIETZSCH GmbH Lufttechnik Dresden. Here you will manufacture components and assemblies as well as pipe systems using CNC milling technology, welding, hot forming, metalworking and assembly.

Mietzsch GmbH Lufttechnik Dresden is a medium-sized company specializing in the manufacture of corrosion-resistant fans, apparatuses, extraction systems and custom-made products made of thermoplastic materials and can look back on many years of experience in this field.

Our range of services covers the supply of individual components through to complete plants. We accompany the customer from the project to the assembly.

Fields of activity

  • External assembly
  • CNC milling technology
  • Metalworking
  • Welding
  • Hot forming
  • Cutting

Vocational training as a plastics and rubber technologist

Job type : Recognized training occupation
Type of training : Dual training in the industry (regulated by training regulations)
Duration of training : 3 years
Learning locations : MIETZSCH GmbH and vocational school BSZ Radeberg (dual training)
Training content

Training content

Plastics and rubber technologists manufacture components and assemblies from polymer materials. They select manufacturing processes and materials, set up machines and systems for production, monitor the production process and check the quality of the products.

Plastics and rubber technologists specializing in components first determine the requirements for the piping parts and systems, components and assemblies to be manufactured.

On the basis of order data and technical drawings, they select the appropriate manufacturing process, materials and auxiliary materials and define production steps and parameters. They set up the production machines and systems and monitor the manufacturing process. Depending on the product, they rework the parts by drilling, grinding or milling or apply joining processes such as welding, forming or bonding and check the joints.

They protect surfaces and edges, e.g. by sealing, and temper semi-finished products and finished parts.

They package and store the finished products. They also draw up technical documentation and produce processing.

In the 3rd year of training, the basics of fiber composite technology are taught in a 14-day course.

If desired, assembly work throughout Germany is also possible from the 3rd year of training.

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