19. Mai 2022

Safety Day 2022

After a 2-year break due to corona, we were able to follow our tradition again this year and hold the "Safety Day".

Below is a brief review of what happened on this eventful day:

A fire alarm drill was conducted at the opening. Afterwards, all employees were able to practice the proper operation of a fire extinguisher under the guidance of the company BrandschutzService Hering.

AOK Plus participated with an information stand and, in cooperation with SPORTIVATION, provided us with a Carrera track. Here, the employees could compete to measure their strength on a bicycle.

Nurse Nelly from the AMVZ Riesa offered the following services:
- Blood pressure measurement/ heart rate
- Blood sugar/cholesterol measurement
- BMI calculation (height/weight).

The occupational safety and clothing advisors from Holder, Mr Höber, and Honeywell, Mr Kern, presented a wide range of personal protective equipment.

Office work chairs were offered by the company Bürosysteme Baumann.

The physical well-being was provided with bratwurst, steak, grilled cheese and healthy fruit.

In conclusion, we can say that this "Safety Day" was once again a good opportunity to keep up the omnipresence for the topic of occupational safety, safety at work as well as health protection.

We would like to thank the employees of BrandschutzService Hering, AOK Plus, SPORTIVATION, AMVZ Riesa, Holder, Honeywell, Bürosysteme Baumann and all the consultants and colleagues who contributed to the success of the event.

We are looking forward to the "Safety Day 2023" and are happy to receive tips and advice on how to organise it.