23. Mai 2019

Safety Day 2019

For the 4th time, we held our Safety Day.
A fire alarm drill was conducted at the opening. Afterwards, all employees could practice the proper operation of a fire extinguisher under the guidance of the company BrandschutzService Hering.

The BARMER health insurance company, in cooperation with the SPORTIVATION company, offered all employees the opportunity to test the strength of the various muscle groups of the back with the help of the Dr. Wolff Back-Check®. Furthermore, there were healthy smoothies to try, which were freshly mixed on a smoothie bike. Intoxication goggles were used to simulate the altered vision and reactions of employees under the influence of alcohol.

The following services were offered by our company doctor Mrs Susnea and nurse Nelly from the AMVZ:
- Blood pressure measurement/ heart rate
- Blood sugar/cholesterol measurement
- BMI calculation (height/weight)
- General health advice.

Mr. Dugall, the occupational health and safety advisor of 3M, presented a variety of personal protective equipment.

Our occupational safety specialist, Mr. Damaske, from the AMVZ, was available to answer our employees' questions and provided expert advice on how to improve occupational health and safety in our company.

The physical well-being was provided with bratwurst, steak, grilled cheese and healthy fruit. Everyone enjoyed this offer, especially the apples from the fruit farmer Michael Görnitz.

In conclusion, we can say that this "Safety Day" was once again a good opportunity to maintain our already high awareness of the topics of occupational health and safety as well as health protection.

We would like to thank the BARMER staff, the SPORTIVATION company, the AMVZ staff, the 3M company and all the expert advisors and colleagues who contributed to the successful event.

We are looking forward to the "Safety Day 2020" and are happy to receive tips and advice on how to organise it.