16. Mai 2024

Safety Day 2024

In keeping with tradition, we organised our 7th Safety Day this year.

Here is a brief look back at what happened and what was on offer on this eventful day:

The fire alarm drill was carried out at the opening.

Afterwards, all employees were able to practise the proper use of fire extinguishers under the guidance of the company Brandschutz Service Hering.

The health insurance company AOK Plus participated with an information stand and answered questions, e.g. about preventive healthcare and health insurance benefits.

Laufszene Events offered all employees an analysis of their intra- and inter-muscular coordination using a balance check on the challenge disc. Laufszene Events also provided a Carrera track. Here, employees were able to test their strength on a bicycle in a competition. In a game of Minesweeper on the T-Wall, employees could also compete against their colleagues and put their reactions and body-eye coordination to the test.

The following services were offered by our company doctor Mrs Schmidt and nurse Anja from the AMVZ Riesa:
- Blood pressure measurement/heart rate
- Blood sugar/cholesterol measurement
- BMI calculation (height/weight).

Our occupational safety specialist, Mrs Nicklisch, from AMVZ Riesa was available to answer any safety-related questions.

The Würth consultants presented hand protection, fall protection, eye protection, safety shoes and other current products to relieve the musculoskeletal system.

Hilti presented tools, machines and fastening materials from its extensive range, offered a service check and organised a competition in which the weight of a Hilti bucket could be estimated. The three best estimators received prizes from the Hilti range.

Bratwurst, steak, grilled cheese and healthy fruit and vegetables were on offer.

In conclusion, we can say that this "Safety Day" was once again an enrichment for our daily work.

We would like to thank the employees of Brandschutz Service Hering, Laufszene Events, AMVZ Riesa, Würth, Hilti and all the consultants and colleagues who contributed to the success of the event.

We look forward to the Safety Day in 2025.