28. März 2021

Company Safety Management at MIETZSCH Lufttechnik GmbH

MIETZSCH GmbH Lufttechnik Dresden has a modern and certified occupational safety management system. Our goal is to reduce the burden on people and the environment in a continuous improvement process.

As a health-promoting measure, we offer our employees, among other things, massage vouchers from a physiotherapeutic practice.

To support a healthy diet, fresh, regional fruit and drinks are provided free of charge.

Seal of approval "save with system" NLF / ILO-OSH 2001

16. Oktober 2021


MIETZSCH Lufttechnik GmbH also supports employees in participating in sporting competitions. Our employee Axel Mittag started the O-SEE ULTRA TRAIL on October 16, 2021 - the longest and toughest kilometers in the Zittau Mountains - and demonstrated sportiness and stamina on the 65km route over 2,620 meters in altitude.